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Welcome to Carden University newsroom where you can find out about all the latest updates and happenings at the university. Carden University consistently makes headlines and receives accolades form the international media for its exceptional academic services. See some of our latest news and resources below:

News & Updates

Carden University Among The Fastest Growing Online Universities Globally

With a record-setting 12,000 students in 2018 and an anticipated enrollment of 48,000 in 2019, Carden University has become the fastest-growing online university in the world.

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The New Media Revolution: Spotlight on Online Education

Students instead of sitting in the same classroom for years at end, learning the same boring lessons over and over again, waiting for the teacher to call on them, can now turn to each other and start answering the unanswered questions.

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Social Responsibility Fulfillment for Online Institutes

Virtual space has no confinement – compared to auditoriums and lecture halls. As technology becomes more advanced and cheaper at the same time, it will be easier for institutes such as CU to provide these resources to non-profit educational initiatives.

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