With a record-setting 12,000 students in 2018 and an anticipated enrollment of 48,000 in 2019, Carden University has become the fastest-growing online university in the world

The credit for CU’s exponential growth is found in the wide range of high-demand programs it offers to students at tuition prices they can afford.

Carden University is an internationally recognized distance learning program that already serves students in 42 countries all over the world. Students “log on” to attend classes from countries as far spread out as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Germany, Qatar, Italy and beyond.

Specializing in making higher education attainable, Carden University provides its students access to 15 different schools and 70 majors. Programs include those at the certificate, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Major concentration areas are as diverse as Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Carden University’s outstanding and ever-growing enrollment shows its dedication to delivering accredited online education in a convenient, affordable manner is really catching on with students all over the globe. The self-study, self-paced distance learning courses offered by CU far surpass programs offered by other universities throughout the world. CU is a leader in online education because it combines topnotch classes, low tuition costs and expediency to give students the learning experience they want on schedules they can live with.

CU students embark on a truly unique educational experience that is tailored to meet diverse needs. Rather than have to physically attend lectures, students attend online classrooms where they can access all program materials around the clock and on any day of the week. This empowers students to learn at their own speed, complete programs more quickly and save money on costly books and materials.

International Board for Distance Learning Assessment, Carden University enrollment is open for students globally. It only takes a few minutes to apply and financial aid is available. In fact, 90 percent of students qualify for financial assistance. CU also offers students credit for some work experiences, making the cost of tuition and the duration of programs even more attractive to students with professional backgrounds.