Carden Student &
Alumni Services

School of Education

Student Services Department at Carden University is designed and equipped to help students make informed decisions about their education besides making their student lives easier.

Interestingly, our professional counselors are there to assist you even before you become our student. They help you pick the right program and major, assist you with financial aid, and will also help you with how our website and student portal works. From enrollment to graduation our student services personnel will be just a call or live chat away. For students outside the US, we have local counselors assisting you in your own language. Students from the Middle East enjoy an extensive Arabic speaking student center.

Carden University offers several scholarships and grants to its global student base. These financial aid programs include localized scholarships with educational, corporate and governmental partnerships in your region, as well as standalone CU educational grants. Our student advisors will tell you what local and CU scholarship options you can benefit from.

Carden University offers Student Status Verification service to all its students in which we issue certificate of your student status should you need it. The document verifies that you are a student of Carden University with other personal and student details. This service is frequently used by our students who require it for various reasons ranging from employment to pursuing simultaneous education.

Credits for all previously completed courses will easily be transferred to your current program. If you're a working adult, your work experience can also be transformed into academic credits at CU. Moreover, you can also earn credits for any trainings, apprenticeships, internships, community services, or workshops etc. that you've been a part of.

Besides your high-tech online classroom, you also enjoy a dedicated account area on our student portal. You can do a lot using your student portal such as stay updated with the latest CU developments, read university news, learn about and join our events, and perform other administrative tasks related to your education at Carden University.


Our Alumni Services help you shape your future on the very foundations of your interests and aptitude. Our counselors are available 24/7 to help you hit the right career path fast and easy.

The moment you graduate, you're entitled to our complimentary alumni services that pack everything a graduate needs to step into professional life. The key feature in our Alumni Services is our renowned Career Center which offers a number of free services leading to a better career. Alumni services can be reached anytime or any day via a toll free call live chat. The personnel in the alumni services team will be pleased to assist you with all your queries and concerns.

Career Services

Carden University's famed Career Center offers a number of amazing, free of cost career services that lead you to a brighter future. From professional cover letter & resume writing, to career counseling and internship / job placements, Carden's Career Center offers all services under one umbrella.

Alumni Portal

As a Carden University alumnus, you can always stay in touch with the latest university happenings and developments using your dedicated alumni portal that you can use for as long as you want. Keep yourself up to date with the latest CU news, take part in our events, and keep track of the latest career opportunities posted on your portal.

Lifetime Credential Verification

CU offers lifetime credential verification service to its alumni. Whenever you need verification from an academic institution or a prospective employer, your credentials can be verified in various ways. We can issue letters of student status and graduate status. We can make the verification live on phone, chat or email. Or you can show your name (to whoever requiring verification) in our alumni listing, the web link to which we share with you as soon as you graduate.

Apostille & Embassy Legalization

We take pride in offering this exclusive service to our students worldwide. What's more interesting is that what we charge from you for the service in only the third party cost. The service helps you improve your employability within your own region and abroad. Plus, getting your academic documents attested and embassy legalized make them acceptable worldwide. With your credentials verified and attested, you can further your education and pursue your career more effectively in any part of the world.