Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are the ones most asked by our prospective students. If you don't find the answer to your question below, feel free to write to us at

Q. How do I apply?

A. Fill in the online application form. You will be shortly contacted by a student advisor who will guide you through each step of admission process.

Q. What's the duration of online programs?

A. All of our online programs are 100% self-paced, allowing you to complete in as short a period as six months or even less.

Q. How do I make an informed choice about course selection?

A. Our student counselors are always there to assist you with the selection of programs and courses. You can get in touch with them right away via live chat or a toll free call on 1-844-464-4944.

Q. I have years of working experience. Would it help in my education?

A. Luckily, it would. We accept academic as well as work credits. Once transferred to your chosen program, it will not only shorten your program length (because of course waivers), but will also considerably reduce the cost of your program.

Q. Will I need to buy books / course material?

A. Not at all. Everything related to your program is right there in your student area on our website. You'll find interactive video lectures and downloadable study material in the same area.

Q. Is Carden an accredited university?

A. Carden is a fully accredited university which is recognized by the globally renowned accreditation body IBDLA (International Board for Distance Learning Assessment).

Q. Why should I choose Carden?

A. Carden University offers you matchless flexibility allowing you to pursue your desired program while still focusing on your job and family. Also our programs are very affordable and career-focused so you can easilty afford your education and are ready for a better career ahead.

Q. How is the global acceptance of CU education?

A. Carden University enjoys accreditations and memberships of over 8 international online education recognizing bodies. In fact, employers and institutions worldwide prefer CU graduates.

Q. What if my prospective employer wants to verify my education?

A. We at Carden University offer lifetime education verification services. After you graduate, we add your details to our alumni listing on our website and share the web link with you. You can use that link for your education verification, or better yet, have your employer call us on our toll free number for verification.

Q. Will the university provide me career guidance?

A. Yes. Our Career Center is dedicated to providing professional career development services to all graduates completely free of cost.

Q. How does Carden contribute to the overall educational process?

A. In many ways! Carden enrolls working professionals in its accredited degree programs which include Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate, PhD and Associate programs. The accredited degrees students earn from here help them grow and succeed in their professional careers.